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We're giving SHP readers the chance to win a 3-month FREE trial of SoloProtect Mobile (our new personal safety app).

There will be 3 lucky winners and 1 of these winners will also win an iPad Mini!

The mobile app trial applies to a maximum of 20 users within your organisation. It's, therefore, a fantastic opportunity for 20 colleagues to experience the benefits of a personal safety solution, first-hand.

All you have to do is complete the quick form on this page. Don't forget to tick the box at the bottom before clicking "Enter Now" to ensure we can get in touch with you.

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Notes: There's no obligation to continue using SoloProtect Mobile once your FREE trial has ended.

The 3 lucky winners will be picked at random and notified by Monday 6th December 2021.

The free trial includes up to 20 app licenses only. Phone handsets are not included.

We can only accept one entry per person.

SoloProtect Mobile

SoloProtect Mobile can quickly transform your phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety tool.

It provides an easy middle-ground option for organisations wanting to bolster their personal safety and reporting measures, and demonstrate duty of care to employees, without providing users with a physical safety device.

Depending on your chosen package, the app can provide all the functionality of SoloProtect’s existing personal protection solution (see Features below), and users of the app will receive 24/7 support from SoloProtect’s Alarm Receiving Centre and access to the popular SoloProtect Insights platform for communicating risk messages, efficient reporting, user training, allocation of app licenses and much more.


Whether you need help in an emergency or non-emergency support during a high-risk activity, the SoloProtect solution can give workers peace of mind that someone will be there to assist should the worst occur.

Red Alert - emergency alarm
Activating a discreet Red Alert in an emergency will open contact with our Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, trained operators will listen in and initiate a response – all in just over 30 seconds. This could be alerting the emergency services or contacting a manager or family member.

About to enter a high-risk site or complete a dangerous task? Users can leave a voice message with the Alarm Receiving Centre detailing their current location, situation, and status to aid the operator in dealing with subsequent Red or Incapacitation Alerts.

Incapacitation Alert - man down alarm
Our clever devices can sense if the user is physically incapacitated - usually after a slip, trip, or fall. This automatically raises an alarm with our Alarm Receiving Centre where operatives can quickly get help to the user. Vital functionality for anyone who works at height.

Ready2Talk ®
A live call with the Alarm Receiving Centre which can be used in situations where there's clear evidence of a potential for risk and the user would benefit from additional support e.g. climbing a high ladder in bad weather or locking up a retail store alone in a high-risk area.

How does a Red Alert work?

24/7 support, at the push of a button.

You feel your personal safety is threatened, or could be seriously compromised.

Select the ‘Red Alert’ function on your device to raise an alarm.
Note: A man-down alarm will be raised automatically if the device senses that you're incapacitated.

An audio call is opened with with our Alarm Receiving Centre (or your designated alarm contact) where trained operators will listen in to verify the severity of the situation.

An appropriate response will be initiated by the operator e.g. alerting the emergency services, a manager or family member.