24/7 personal safety solutions for agriculture workers

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A high-risk industry

Nearly one person a week is fatally injured as a direct result of agricultural work. Injury occurrences, including serious ones, are an even more common occurrence.

Whether it's working at height, working with dangerous machinery or hazardous chemicals, dealing with livestock or working near pits and silos there are many risks associated with working in the agricultural industry. Consequently, agricultural organisations must be vigilant and consider all available measures to safeguard workers and ensure a quick response when an accident does occur.

And, of course, to keep the operation moving, knowing the location of your mobile workers so you can efficiently redeploy them whenever necessary is vital.

Discreet, simple to use, rapid response

SoloProtect provides discreet and easy-to-use personal safety solutions for agriculture workers that won’t get in the way of the day job.
With 24/7 emergency support and man down detection, we’ll quickly get help to you when you need it most.
You'll also get access to SoloProtect Insights - the online platform for comprehensive metrics and ongoing management of your solution.

Personal safety devices

With such diverse roles within the agriculture industry, we understand that there may not be a one-size-fits all solution.
Our range of devices and our mobile app give you the flexibility to select the right mix for you.

Quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety device. It’s quick to deploy and simple to use. An easy middle-ground option for agricultural businesses that want to bolster their personal safety measures and demonstrate duty of care, without providing a physical device.

The SoloProtect Mini (M²) is a versatile and waterproof personal protection device that loves the outdoors - a great safety solution for whatever gets thrown your way. Ideal for use on-site, the sleek device features an icon-driven user interface, making it simple to use with a modern feel.

Great to use on site, but will fit just as comfortably into your personal life. SoloProtect Mini (M¹) has great aesthetic appeal, that you won't be shy to show-off. COMING SOON to the SoloProtect device range.

A personal safety device and ID badge rolled into one. SoloProtect ID is a popular and highly wearable solution for workers who require a discreet device - particularly anyone who regularly displays their ID badge for site access.


Whether you need help in an emergency or non-emergency support during a high-risk activity, the SoloProtect solution can give workers peace of mind that someone will be there to assist should the worst occur.

Red Alert - emergency alarm
Activating a discreet Red Alert in an emergency will open contact with our Alarm Receiving Centre. Here, trained operators will listen in and initiate a response – all in just over 30 seconds. This could be alerting the emergency services or contacting a manager or family member.

About to enter a high-risk site or complete a dangerous task? Users can leave a voice message with the Alarm Receiving Centre detailing their current location, situation, and status to aid the operator in dealing with subsequent Red or Incapacitation Alerts.

Incapacitation Alert - man down alarm
Our clever devices can sense if the user is physically incapacitated - usually after a slip, trip, or fall. This automatically raises an alarm with our Alarm Receiving Centre where operatives can quickly get help to the user. Vital functionality for anyone who works at height.

A live call with the Alarm Receiving Centre which can be used in situations where there's clear evidence of a potential for risk and the user would benefit from additional support e.g. climbing a high ladder in bad weather.

How does a Red Alert work?

24/7 support, at the push of a button.

You feel your personal safety is threatened, or could be seriously compromised.

Select the ‘Red Alert’ function on your device to raise an alarm.
Note: A man-down alarm will be raised automatically if the device senses that you're incapacitated.

SoloProtect devices are enabled with cellular technology to raise an alarm with our Alarm Receiving Centre (or your designated alarm contact) on your behalf.

Our specially trained operators will verify the seriousness of the alarm and initiate an appropriate response e.g. alerting the emergency services, a manager or family member.

An efficient response

SoloProtect is BS 8484:2016 accredited. This means our Alarm Receiving Centre can bypass the central 999 system and, instead, dial straight into any regional police force in England and Wales saving valuable time.

We also use what3words to help pinpoint and communicate the exact location of an incident within a 3m square which is essential on larger agricultural sites.

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SoloProtect Insights is the key to any successful deployment. The online platform gives you full control of your safety solution - allowing you to fully engage your workforce, report on key metrics, and find operational efficiencies.

Efficient onboarding

Quickly allocate devices or app licenses to staff, assign training modules and specify escalation contacts - all via the Insights platform which can be accessed from any location and on any device.

Intelligent monitoring

Structure the platform to reflect your organisation, devolve administration to team managers, and automate your reports for easy ongoing management and continuous monitoring of your investment.

Streamline operations

Latest Location information allows you to monitor staff numbers and locations at any time and easily redeploy workers where necessary. The Working Status function means you can make sure everyone gets home safely.

Designed for agriculture workers

Built for noise
The SoloProtect devices are well-equipped for noisy environments. While active, your device or phone will vibrate in a distinct pattern so you’re reassured it’s working.

Tough on water and dust
Wet, muddy or dusty agricultural sites are no match for our devices. They’re all water and dust resistant to ensure functionality is unaffected, even in the worst weather.

Locate and communicate
Geolocation (including what3words) and cellular technology (4G, 3G, and 2G) ensure we can communicate with users and pinpoint their location whenever they need support.

Small and mighty
All our devices are small and light weight and have a range of attachments so you can wear it on your belt, attach it to your keyring or lanyard, or simply put it in your pocket.

Health and safety for contractors

According to the ONS, 15% of the UK workforce is made up of contractors. Therefore, as an employer or manager, it's important to understand your obligations and consider the health and safety practices of contractors both on- and off-site.

Take a look at our useful guide which examines duty of care, lone working, and sub-contracted arrangements.

Read the guide

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The SoloProtect solution can not only help you to protect your employees and contractors, it can also help you to bolster your brand, retain your staff, and demonstrate duty of care and adherence to company health and safety policies.

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