NEW lone worker safety devices and apps

Our NEW range of intuitive touchscreen devices are super user-friendly. With an understanding of the safety features available, they really are just "plug and play"! Mix and match to get the best solution for your organisation or team.

NEW: A lone worker device and ID badge combined. SoloProtect ID Touch is the next generation of lone worker device with touchscreen and 4G connectivity. Ideal for workers who require complete discretion.

NEW: SoloProtect Shield is a pocket-sized, touchscreen safety device with a broad range of features. Perfect for workers with an active role, providing comprehensive protection off-road or on-site.

NEW: Great to use at work, but just as comfortable in your personal life. SoloProtect Curve is an effective and stylish touchscreen lone worker safety device with plenty of curb appeal.

Quickly transform a phone into a valuable and efficient personal safety device with SoloProtect Mobile. It’s a feature-rich and cost-effective solution that's quick to deploy and simple to use.

SoloProtect ID Classic is a trusted, popular and cost-effective safety solution for lone workers who regularly wear an ID badge. Discreet, 24/7 emergency support at the press of a button.

Our smallest safety device that won't get in the way of the day job. SoloProtect Go is ideal for anyone looking for a fob-style lone worker device with simple but effective functionaliy.

Benefits of NEW touchscreen devices

Accessible, user-friendly design that won't let you down.

4G connectivity - for the best possible cellular coverage

Simple, intuitive interface with intelligent touchscreen

Water and dust proof (IP67) - built to withstand the elements

Clear vibration patterns - ideal for noisy environments

Geolocation technology - get help to the right place

Dependable battery life - the device won't let you down

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Lone worker device features

Our customers choose from a range of safety features depending on the risk profile of their workforce. Here's a snapshot:

Red Alert
A 24/7 emergency alarm designed to get help to your workers when they need it most.

Incapacitation Alert
The SoloProtect devices and apps will detect a slip, trip or fall (sometimes known as "man down").

Voice messages left by the device or app user containing valuable information about their location and activity.

Our specially trained operators will chaperone a worker when there's a clear safety risk.

Latest Location
Monitor the location of workers to track progress, facilitate redeployment decisions, and identify efficiencies.

24/7 Monitoring
Provided by SoloProtect's industry-leading Alarm Receiving Centre which is accredited to BS 8484 and EN 50518.

How does a Red Alert work?

If a SoloProtect device or app user is injured or their personal safety is threatened, they can discreetly raise an emergency "Red Alert" at the push of a button.

The device or app contacts our Alarm Receiving Centre where operators will establish the severity of the incident and quickly send help to where it's needed.

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